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Technology offers us new possibilities to serve communities in a more dynamic and transparent way. We use the platform as a communication channel with the owners.

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Emergency service 24/7

Malfunctions can happen at any time. Our communities have an emergency telephone service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

t. 606 072 335 / 606 072 336

Services of the Community of Owners Manager

Managing to ensure the proper functioning of the community

Managing a community of owners implies assuming multiple responsibilities. These are the main services included in our services:

– Comprehensively manage the community of neighbors.

– The Property Administrator acts as Secretary and Administrator and calls ordinary meetings, sends Minutes, settlements, etc.

– Follow-up of defaulters and their subsequent legal claim through "monitorios" (whose preparation fees, lawyers and legal costs are always borne by the defendants).

– Preparation and delivery of expense statements (as agreed by the Board). The Administration can prepare settlements with the frequency set by the Community: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, four-monthly, semi-annual, annual by installments, by budget...

– Take care of the conservation of the building, its facilities and the proper functioning of the contracted services, for which we have the collaboration of a wide range of industrialists who fully cover any type of unforeseen event and works. We request two budgets, as well as incident management.

– All those procedures processed before public bodies and monitoring by the Administrator of the repairs and/or improvements to be made.

– Process hiring and attend to payments related to personnel at the service of the community; such as porter, maintainer, gardener, night watchman, etc.

– Search for the most appropriate insurance for the community, with adjusted premiums, and claims processing.

– Management of the Organic Law on Data Protection: owners, security surveillance, etc. With the collaboration of Conversia, leader in the protection management sector.

– We have a Meeting Room at no additional cost, and with a max. of 35 people, if they do not have a meeting place or we go to the place designated by the community to hold the meetings.

– We keep the community documentation.

– In the case of recently built buildings, our work ranges from the drafting of the Statutes, constitution of the community fund, registration of community and individual accountants, legalization of the Minutes Book, various procedures with the developer, CIF processing, procedures for obtaining ford, registration of lines telephone calls for elevators, search and contracting of cleaning services, surveillance, concierge, comprehensive maintenance, etc.

– In communities, where there is a large presence of foreign owners, we manage the documentation with translations into English or German.

– Bank management of the current account of the community, as authorized, we manage the day to day of its operations working with the main banking entities.

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