Miguel Ángel

Registered property administrator 

My name is Miguel Ángel Mercadal and I am the head of this administration. Since 1995 I have been a member of the Official Association of Property Administrators of the Balearic Islands with number 460. This association ensures and guarantees professional and updated management of their affairs to communities.

I have an organization made up of professionals with long experience to attend to the diverse needs of the communities and the owners, and to guarantee the correct fulfillment of their multiple obligations.


Comunities Department

With the training and work experience that Catalina accumulates, she attends the owners in their demands with empathy and honesty to resolve any doubt and/or incident.

One of her main functions is the management and control of debt in the Communities of Owners.


Fiscal-Accounting Department

Her experience in the world of accounting guarantees efficient and transparent management in the accounts of the Communities of Owners and of the properties that we manage, as well as the preparation and presentation of taxes before the tax agency.

She also performs support functions and supervision of the rest of the departments of this administration.


Real Estate and Property Management Department

Her specific training in the field of administration has made her a competent and decisive professional. Her most representative functions are management support, as well as the management of Real Estate Sale and Rental.


Accounting and Property Department

Her specific training in the accounting and administrative field offers optimal management. Her main responsibilities within the company would be support to the accounting department and billing management.

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